Welcome to Villa Ceres Samos,

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Samos has a lot to offer. Green, mountainous landscapes full of vineyards, orange- and olive trees. Which are so beautiful and it gives the entire island a lot of colour and fragrancy. 


Are you looking for some Culture? Then you are at the right place when you visit Samos! The island has picturesque, colorful streets and it also has cute little harbours which is lovely to visit. Samos will give you a real look to the Greek life style and the people are always warm and friendly.


Samos is surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The sea will provide you with a lovely soft and cool breeze. Make the best out of the Greek sand and pebble beaches and submerge yourself into the nice Greek atmosphere. Full of relaxation and entertainment.

Booking directly with us is more convenient than via Airbnb!